Hello everyone

RaajMy name is Raaj and I am a 32 year old bodybuilder, personal trainer, yoga and pilates instructor from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Yoga Pilates is my website that I created in order to help raise awareness about the benefits of both yoga and pilates to your long term health. There is a lot to learn when it comes to yoga and so my aim is to try and break all of the information down into manageable bite-size chunks to help people who have no experience of either yoga or pilates to absorb the information.


On this website you will find a reviews section, which highlights some of the basic equipment that you will need if you are interested in starting to practise either yoga or pilates. This section also reviews some of the most popular yoga and pilates equipment and accessories so that you can make a decision to see if the particular equipment is right for you before you go ahead and purchase it. On each review there will also be a link to and sales, deals or promotional codes for stores such as Argos, where you will be able to hopefully find a great deal on each particular item and save some money should you decide to commit to purchase it.
As well as the reviews I have provided plenty of information on the main different yoga types so that you can become familiar with them and figure out whether that type is right for you. Remember that we are all different as humans, so I’ve collated all of this information so that you can enjoy either yoga or pilates whatever your ages, fitness level or body type is. This website literally has something for everyone when it comes to yoga and pilates.

I hope you find that all of the information on my website is accurate and above all useful. Should you have any questions that you feel you would rather have answered by a qualified fitness professional who is in the know, please feel free to contact me and I will do my very best to help.